Monday, November 08, 2004

Alan Keyes

I respect Alan Keyes views so much, and his ability to articulate Christian values. I fear, however, that Keyes' refusal to congratulate Obama, and further demarcation of the good/evil battle may not be resonating with those who most need to hear his message. Keyes was quoted in the last link:

"If you know someone who is in the service of causes that are killing innocent babies, in the service of causes that are destroying the basis for family life, and that individual gets a powerful job that will give him greater influence in pursuing that wickedness--if someone then suggested to you that you call and congratulate them on that lucrative and powerful position, would you do it?"
Undoubtedly, abortion is a terrible thing that any Bible-believing Christian should stand against. However, I would hope that Dr. Keyes would help to further discussion and reflection on this issue among the electorate. This is the way that the (intellectual) battle for the moral fiber of America must be fought. I fear his rhetoric will only serve to further alienate those individuals who may be uninformed regarding a "woman's right to choose" without weighing other ramifications (namely a human and government interest in the life of an unborn child).

I suppose that is why they call this game "politicking." This debate does belong in our schools and homes, not merely in our churches. I think the issue should be hard-fought. I think it important though that our passion and the smell of sour grapes be relegated, so that the issue can take the forefront.