Saturday, November 06, 2004

Howard University Students Endorse Color-Blind Policies

Roger Clegg at Right on Race blogs about Howard University's student newspaper's endorsement of ending some student programs' practice of being offered exclusively to minority students:

While the Supreme Court’s 2003 affirmative-action decisions in the University of Michigan cases were disappointing insofar as they did not shut the door on racial preferences in higher education, they did make it clear that racial EXCLUSIVITY (which had frequently been true of summer programs, internships, scholarships, and the like) was illegal, and consequently most schools have been opening their programs. That the students at a top historically black school like Howard have endorsed this trend – as not only legally necessary but as fair and sound policy – is noteworthy and welcome.

From the student newspaper editorial:
At The Hilltop, we think summer programs should be colorblind and focus more on need and achievement.

This is indeed noteworthy. Maybe the student bodies of other institutions can learn something from this Historically Black University.

See the entire editorial here.