Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Re: Liberal bitterness

Please everyone read the link in Jerry's secession note. Although a radical liberal suggests the secession, using colorful language, I think that what he writes is definitely at the heart of the liberal-democratic movement. Kerry targeted the big cities, like MPLS-St. Paul. His Democratic successor will even more so, as they are losing their hold on the upper-midwest states of MN, WI, and IA (arguably the only traditional democratic strongholds among states largely engaged in agriculture).

If one only looks at the map of counties won by Bush nation-wide, the ratio is 6-1 in Bush's favor. Do we really think that these "Heartland" Midwesterners and Southerners are inferior in intelligence or sincerity to Big-city liberals? I would posit that these folks, like my family living in Little Rock, AR, Arcola, IL, and Tulsa, OK are not nearly so backwards as some would suggest.

My family does, however, believe in our Constitution. I wonder why that makes them so naive? Bush won every rural and nearly every suburban area in the U.S. Perhaps rural values are alot different from "educated values." Or perhaps those bitter really want to live in a country with different constitution. In fact, we know they do.