Thursday, November 04, 2004

"Simple" Republicans

Almost immediately after President Bush won re-election we began to hear from the left, and the media, that this election was the result of “simple” Republicans who voted almost exclusively on moral issues. This has always been the view from the left regarding conservatives. They called John Kerry “nuanced” when he changed his positions saying that us simpletons just didn’t get it. I have always felt that the conservative stance on many issues is much more complex than the liberal stance. Here are a few examples:

FREE HEALTH CARE: Of course we would like everyone to have easy access to health care. The reason Republicans are not for “free” health care is the effect arbitrarily changing the price has on the system. A basic economic principle is that when you lower the price, you increase demand. People begin going to the doctor for things they wouldn't if they had to pay for it. Consequently, more people use medical services...clogging up the system and causing shortages and long-waiting lists for surgery. This has happened in Canada and England…in some instances causing the life of someone who is forced to wait.

MINIMUM WAGE: The evil conservatives want to protect business owners and allow them to hold the poor down and pay them with pennies and any remains they can find out in the back dump. The fact is that even if business owners wanted to pay people in this manner they couldn’t. A wage is just as much of a product of competition as anything else. Business owners compete for labor. The more skill required for a job, or a low quantity of people that are qualified for the job, the higher the pay. What a minimum wage does is exclude those unskilled workers whose skill level does not rise to meet the minimum wage. If you allow an employer to pay based on skill, those lower skilled workers will get a job. Perhaps the job will be a low paying job, but it will allow them to start a job and increase his skills--- becoming worth more to the employer, and consequently paid more. A high minimum wage would bar that person from even getting a job in the first place. Is this a nuanced position?

ENVIRONMENT: Conservatives want to kill all the trees and net all the dolphins, then and only then will they be happy. Notwithstanding the fact that many of these environmentalist groups are nothing more than shills for anti-capitalists, the fact is that conservatives merely want to strike a balance between environmental issues and the economy. Many of these environmental policies have little beneficial effect on the environment but a large negative impact on the economy, which in turn causes people to lose jobs. The people who lose their job can be the very people the left claims to be fighting for-- the poor and minorities.

We all want people to have healthcare, have incomes that can support themselves and their families, and to have a clean environment, but if you want to call the position of the left on these issues “nuanced” and the position of the right “simple”, someone had better call Webster’s Dictionary and tell them to ‘flip-flop” the meanings of the two words.