Friday, December 03, 2004

Brainwashing 101

Brainwashing 101 is a short 45-min. documentary (can be downloaded here) about the lack of diversity of viewpoints allowed at college campuses. Included in the film is a student whom the school suspended for posting flyers and a conservative caucasian Sikh who was the victim of death threats; his school took no action upon learning of them.

The film's premise is that speech codes on college campuses are detrimental to fostering a healthy learning environment, and that when they are enforced, are only done so to the disadvantage of conservative students.

I highly recommend a viewing of this film. Though it is a 78 meg download, mine downloaded at around 215 Kb/sec and don't think it took much longer than 20 minutes or so on a cable modem. It's well worth the wait.