Monday, January 10, 2005

Volokh is usually not known to bleed from the chest cavity

Said Euguene Volokh on his blog:

My Heart Bleeds for This Fellow, who is suing NBC over a Fear Factor episode. Reuters reports (thanks to How Appealing for the pointer) that In a handwritten four-page lawsuit filed in federal court in Cleveland on Tuesday [demanding $2.5 million in damages], paralegal Austin Aitken said, "To have the individuals on the show eat (yes) and drink dead rats was crazy and from a viewer's point of view made me throw-up as well an another in the house at the same time."

His suit added, "NBC is sending the wrong message to its TV watchers that cash can make or have people do just about anything beyond reasoning (sic) and in most cases against their will."
He said the show caused his blood pressure to rise so high that he became dizzy and light-headed, and when he ran away to his room, he bumped his head into the doorway.

"In a brief telephone interview with Reuters, Aitken said, 'I am not at liberty to discuss the complaint unless it is a paid-interview situation.'"

I would add, what was the guy thinking? He is a paralegal for goodness sake! Surely he got some legal training about proximate cause, and generally not being a moron.