Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hillary Clinton

Worried about Hillary taking the high road to the White House? I am. Check this out. There is nothing like insulating yourself from issues that you'll never again have to vote on (or on issues your vote doesn't matter on).

Take Bankruptcy Reform: substantially all Democrats came out in opposition of that bill. There aren't 74 Bush-supporting, pro-creditor Senators, are there? Hmm. Despite strong Dem opposition, there were 74 votes in favor of the bill.

The one abstention in the Senate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was spending time with her husband while he was in the hospital. However, Hillary indicated she would vote in favor of it too, even though she opposed in stalwart fashion all Bankruptcy Reform Bills of the past. You must figure it gets lonely to be Senators Schumer or Kennedy. Your party is with you every step of the way, up until they have ambitions of running for a higher office (or keeping their seats in the rest of the non-NY/Massachusetts world).