Monday, April 04, 2005

Baseball !!!

Opening day is today for Major League Baseball. My gut-feeling predictions are as follows for the division winners (very little research to date thus far on my part):

AL East-Boston
AL Central- Minnesota (by 10 games, CLE is overrated by many).
AL West-Anahiem (who else)

AL Wildcard-Yanks

NL East-Marlins (perhaps best record in NL this season)
NL Central-St. Louis
NL West-Padres

(one important reason for this wildcard choice. . . Astros may be a better team, as are the Cubs. But the Cubs cannot seem to get a healthy lineup, and the NL Central is again so tough that these teams beat up on each other throughout the season).

World Series: Cardinals over Boston in 6 (Who else, really ??)

Go Cards!