Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Michael McConnell as Nominee

Judge McConnell (10th Cir.) is my favorite candidate to replace O'Connor from the last weeks. He is most famed in my mind for arguing for the Boy Scouts in the Dale case before the Court a few years ago. That 5-4 decision that the Boy Scouts could exclude a gay scoutmaster, in my opinion is one of the most significant Supreme Court decisions protecting liberty of the Rehnquist court. (Like top 3 most important.)

This is an excerpt from McConnell's confirmation testimony in 2002 when he was nominated to the 10th Cir. I don't think he is perfect, but well-reasoned at least. He is the one Pres. Bush should be considering to survive the storm if Rehnquist does not retire before he has to get SDOC's successor appointed.