Monday, July 11, 2005

What's Cookin' at the Corner?

Did Karl Rove really "out" an undercover CIA agent? I don't think John Podhoretz over at the Corner on National Review thinks so. This is what he wrote about an hour ago:
Two years ago Joseph C. Wilson IV had a bio available online in which he mentioned his wife Valerie Plame's name. The bio has vanished. If anyone perchance saved it or a screenshot of it and can e-mail it to me, I'd be grateful. (PS: It's now 4:15 pm EDT. If you don't do it by 4:30, don't bother.)
Twenty-five minutes later, he wrote:
Thanks, everybody, for the multiple copies of his bio. Check out the NYPost tomorrow for my use of it...
This is obviously an indication that even if Rove did leak Plame's name to Matt Cooper, the question remains whether he "revealed" the name of an undercover CIA agent. This should make for quite an interesting developing story...

UPDATE: The bio that names Plame as Wilson's wife can be found here.