Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Arrogance of the AMFA

From an AP story via the (registration required):
The union will continue to focus on getting replacement workers to quit. During the rally, people chanted "scabs go home," referring to the replacement workers Northwest has hired. The union on Tuesday plans to picket a Minneapolis hotel where leaders say many of the replacements are staying.

"For us, this is war," MacFarlane said. Dozens of members wore black T-shirts with an image of a hand holding a gun. "Scab Hunter" was written above and below the image.
First of all, I find it appalling that there does not seem to be some kind of backlash against the sick message being conveyed on these shirts. Is there a call from anywhere in the liberal Twin Cities public (who, by and large, are anti-gun zealots) for these union members to stop putting forth such a message? No concerns by the "progressives" that these people are advocating violence against workers trying to make a living? Not too shocking.

Second, I am surprised at the hypocrisy coming from a group that claims that they are simply "doing what they have to do." The replacement workers are also simply doing what they feel they need to do. The replacement workers have obviously chosen to go the non-union route; thus, no show of "solidarity" with the AMFA should be expected from them. However, the AMFA believes that every worker that is able to perform the same job duties as its members should be unionized and does not respect those who disagree with this point of view.

Apparently it is fine for the members of the AMFA to act solely with their self-interests in mind, but not fine for the men and women that they loathingly refer to as "scabs" to do the same.