Tuesday, August 30, 2005


As I have made painfully obvious in the last few posts, I do not think that the AMFA should belittle and make verbal attacks against those who are choosing to perform labor outside of a union.

However, I would think that the AMFA SHOULD have a legitimate gripe against the other union members at Northwest who are not honoring their picket lines. After all, it is those employees, and not the non-union workers, who believe that picket lines should not be crossed - yet they are doing it anyway.

To delve further into the question of why there is not much ACTUAL support by the other unions (symbolically supporting the AMFA while crossing their picket lines is a mere token gesture) would take exploring the history of the formation of the AMFA and its conflict with the IAM. Aside from that, it seems intuitive to me that the AMFA should be focusing their ire not at the replacement workers, but at the other unions at Northwest since they supposedly share the same philosophy with regards to organized labor.