Wednesday, August 17, 2005

UCAN'T do that

Two UConn men's players were arrested for stealing laptop computers. Sigh.

UConn is a perennial final four contender. Roughly one quarter of its starters in the past several years have been drafted into the NBA. Yet this prospect is not enough for two members of its backcourt, including Marcus Williams, the starting point guard (I believe). I will resist the temptation to drone on. . . but seriously, laptops?? I suppose though, that when you need cash, you need cash.

On a side note:
"The four laptops, which have a total value of $11,000, have been recovered. "

-Wow. Nice laptops at an average value of $3k apiece. Either they are using the newest Apple. . .or their is a little insurance fraud also going on.

[To his credit, Coach Jim Calhoun did not even entertain fighting for them to play this season. He suspended them from basketball immediately upon hearing the news.]