Thursday, August 11, 2005

Women's issue?

This story discusses gender segregation of summer classes at VA Tech for visiting faculty for Saudi Arabia. The King of S.A. in fact paid the University a significant sum to establish the men and women only classes. Here is a quote from a VA Tech Professor's complaint against the school:

"The presence of these segregated classes on campus indicates to me that the university doesn't place a strong enough value on women's rights," Coupey said Wednesday. "This makes me feel that the university holds me in less regard than my male counterparts."

There may be ire-inspiring elements to this move, but I don't see a connection between what was done and the quote above.

[Note: perhaps supporting any facet of the Saudi government is seen as denigrating to women. But from the sounds of the brief Fox News piece, women were included as faculty and likewise separated from men. I don't see the mere establishment of the separate classrooms as being a continuation of any form of denigration. After all, women were not denied the opportunity to equal access by VA Tech or apparently by the King of S.A., who more or less funded this thing.]