Thursday, October 27, 2005

Gender Equality?

French golfer Jean Van de Velde wants to qualify for the Women's British Open. This announcement comes on the heels of the decision to allow women to qualify for the Men's Open. Naturally the golf authorities refuse to publicly address such a story head-on. But I think that a frank discussion of this dichotomy should be forthcoming.

Though silly it may seem, why shouldn't men be allowed in a professional sport in which men's leagues admit the most competitive of their female peers? I believe that this policy is inherently sexist. The message conveyed signifies one of two possibilities. Either 1) men should not aspire to lessen themselves to the level of women's competition, or 2) the competition of men's leagues are so clearly superior (vis-a-vis the women's equivalent) that the best women should not be subjected to the limitation of only playing with women.

It is the feeble intentions of the gender equality folks that have set up this framework by allowing, even forcing, womenly participation in men's ahtletics. These folks have some explaining to do.