Thursday, February 16, 2006

Does it make you uncomfortable?

That the first $500,000 in donations and state funding pay the CEO of Minnesota Public Radio? A story in the Star Trib yesterday revealed that the radio not for profit organization had yet to file for $190,000 in available state benefits, contingent upon revealing the number of employees that are highly compensated ($100k or more in annual compensation). The state legislature last year passed a bill so requiring reporting that was fairly narrow in directing its effect upon MPR.

MPR counters that it has been singled out by the state and is considering not filing for the benefits on principle. What principle? These are not my principles.

I have no guilt over "using their services." Perhaps the spirit of service that MPR asks of its contributors should carry over to those who make more money than I will for many years out of law school. Perhaps MPR should become MPR, Inc., and then your people could make lotsa money . . . and I wouldn't have to put up with this in order to get my Morning Edition.