Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You know you are nervous when . . .

Justice Ginsburg visited UCLA School of Law earlier this year, where she provided the following anecdote about how she expects the Court to change:

In the twelve-and-a-half years we served together, court watchers have seen that women speak in different voices and hold different views, just as men do. Even so, some advocates each term revealed that they had not fully adjusted to the presence of two women on the high Court bench. During oral argument distinguished counsel, including a Harvard Law Professor and more than one Solicitor General, began his response to my question, 'Well, Justice O'Connor. . .' Sometimes when that happened Sandra would smile and crisply remind counsel that 'she's Justice Ginsburg; I'm Justice O'Connor. Anticipating just such confusion my first term as a member of the Court, the National Association of Women Judges had T-shirts made for us. Justice O'Connor's reads: 'I'm Sandra, not Ruth.' Mine: 'I'm Ruth, not Sandra." With Alito's appointment to the Court, at least we don't have to worry about this gender confusion.

[I think there is a pretty distinct difference between these two foxy ladies. But apparently some SCOTUS practitioners had some trouble.]